Massimo sites are built using the command line. Run massimo help or massimo help [command] for more detailed usage information. All commands can be abbreviated, for example new can be called with n, and watch with w.


The first step after installation is to generate a new project. This can be done with the new command:

massimo new my-site-name

This will create a folder with the basic structure of a massimo project.


After you've generated a massimo project and created some pages, you can build your site by runninging the build command. This will build the site into the public directory by default.

cd my-site-name
massimo build


Running that command over and over again would been a pain the arse, so massimo can just watch for changes automatically build your site when needed:

massimo watch


Like the other static website generators, massimo comes with a server. Unlike the others, it's a Rack application. When a request is made, the server will check for file changes and rebuild the site if necessary. To launch the server from the command line, use the server command:

massimo server
# defaults to port 3000
massimo server 5000
# uses port 5000
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